Why Pregnancy Reformer Pilates is a Great Idea

When you’re growing a little human, your body needs and wants different things. Whether you were doing a lot of movement before pregnancy or you’re looking for something new to support you, reformer Pilates can be a great way to go. When you’re looking for classes to go to, it can be really beneficial to head to classes that are designed with pregnancy in mind, which is exactly why our pregnancy reformer pilates classes were created. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider coming along during pregnancy.


The exercises are specifically designed to you and your body

While there are a range of classes out there that are fine for pregnant women to attend, often a lot of the movements will need to be modified. Pregnancy reformer Pilates has been designed specifically to cater to pregnancy and because of that every movement will not only be safe, but helpful for your body. And on top of that you can be sure that the teacher will know more about exercise for pregnancy and be able to answer any questions you have and modify safely for any issues or complications.


The movements keep you safe and strong during pregnancy

Reformer Pilates is incredibly effective in strengthening the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, which is very helpful during pregnancy. This added strength can help take pressure off the back and decrease pain during pregnancy. The nature of reformer Pilates also means these exercises can be performed in positions, which are safe and stable for pregnant women – including things like tabletop. In addition to this, reformer Pilates enables a gentle yet effective workout for the whole body, making it a great way to keep you body mobile all the way up to term.


They also prepare you for post pregnancy

These classes allow you to keep up mobility, flexibility, but also build strength and support where you need it the most during pregnancy. This fitness that you cultivate during pregnancy will help your body not only during birth, but also post pregnancy. As you kept yourself moving and pain free during your pregnancy you’re likely to experience less complications post pregnancy. And all the work you put in to strengthen the deeper core and pelvic floor muscles gives your body a better change to bounce back. You will also then have a familiar platform to return to once you’re feeling up to it.

You’ll build a community going through the same stages and challenges

Pregnancy is an experience you have to have to understand it completely. And when you’re in a room full of women going through the same joys and challenges, you’ve just found a whole new community of people to share with, lean on, and support. This can last long after your little one joins the world.


Want to try a class for yourself? Pregnancy Reformer Pilates classes run Saturdays at 10am at our Vic Park studio.  Secure your spot now – Click here


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