Lee-Anne is a mum of three, a Naturopath with over 15 years clinical experience, and her yoga practice dates back as far. Certified in Yin Yoga, Rainbow Family and Kids Yoga (Vinyasa), Yoga Tune Up®, The Roll Model Method®, PT, BSc (Nat), Thai Yoga Massage, and a range of manual therapies, Lee has a solid understanding of anatomy, physiology, human movement, and pranayama.

She teaches from a functional perspective. Lee also recognises that each individual is different and can help students find shapes that suit their individual bone structure, body proportions, injuries/tensions, and flexibility

When she’s not working she’s at the park or beach with her kids, playing acro yoga or enjoying the gymnastics of crossfit.

You can find more information about Lee at www.facebook.com/synergiahealth and www.facebook.com/fasciaist