Studio Owner

Hannah was recommended yoga in 2009 while she was working as a flight attendant. She never looked back after her first hot yoga class and remembers being surprised at how challenging and difficult it was. But also how much she fell in love with it.

She loves the physical and mental challenge that Bikram offers. And while the sequence is the same, for Hannah, every class presents a new challenge. Yoga has given Hannah balance, flexibility, strength, determination, awareness of her body and what it needs, a sense of calm, and more.

Hannah knew early on she wanted to teach and went to study in the US in 2011. After 10 years of flying Hannah followed her dream and now is a proud owner of Yoga Tree Perth Victoria Park. Since 2011 Hannah has completed her Pilates and yin yoga teacher training and loves to inspire her students to trust they can heal their mind, body, and spirit.