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Handstand Workshops with Paul

Date: Saturday 4/11/2017
12:15 pm - 1:00 pm (Beginners)
1:00pm - 1:45pm (Intermediate)

Get ready to play upside down!!Did you know that inversions are incredible for the body? Not only do they give you a complete new perspective on your body and the world, but they are also healing and rejuvenating.

Yes, they are challenging and a little scary, but, Paul's techniques and drills (from his time studying under the Ido Portal Method) can help you learn freestanding Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana)—as in, no wall, in the middle of a room/beach as your practice progresses.

These once a month workshops are for Beginner and Intermediate levels.  The sessions run for 45 minutes starting at 12.15 (Beginner) and 1pm (Intermediate).  You can also attend both if you feel like using the Beginner class as a warm up. 

Cost: $18 for one 45min session or ONLY $29 for both sessions.

Bookings essential either online or at the studio reception.

About Paul Twyman:Paul has been studying the art of hand-balancing for the last 3 years and been personally coached by some of the best in the world: Ido Portal, Miguel Santana and Yuval Ayalon.

He started with a bendy banana shape, open legged position and can now Stalder, Pike, Straddle and Tuck Press to a dead straight handstand. He has achieved a 30 sec one arm hold and multiple freestanding handstand push ups. Stretching techniques have taken him from palms to floor in a forward fold to straight leg head to toe. He couldn't sit in straddle but can now rest chest to floor. Paul has captured his journey on Instagram: pault8_upsidedown (be sure to check him out).

Paul has been coaching clients for the last 16 years with the last 2 specialising in body weight strength, handstands and arm balances.

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